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I'm by myself at a beer garden right now

Portslob 50 days ago
I walked down here to buy a growler of an ipa I like, and the guy said we don't sell growlers.. I said why the f*ck did I think you guys sold growlers. He said I don't know. So I just bought a beer

Portslob 50 days ago
Why are there so many goddamn kids at beer gardens? Would you take your kid to a bar? Just because it's outside it's cool?

simon_belmont 50 days ago
Kids at breweries and stuff has become a weird thing. You wouldn't take your kid to a bar, but for some reason a brewery seems acceptable to these people. It's very strange.

Portslob 50 days ago
I'd probably take my kid to a bar, but I hate kids

carveyournamein 50 days ago
Kids ruin everything.

spacetoast 50 days ago
This sounds pleasant

Portslob 50 days ago
I left a while ago