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Jen Psaki

Amber 51 days ago
I'd Psak it 2 her

ShaolinLambKiller 51 days ago

spacetoast 50 days ago
She looks like a complainer

Portslob 50 days ago
She'll complain about how big my load is

theocean 50 days ago
"watercooler woman"

kort 50 days ago
Portslob 3 hours ago She'll complain about how big my load is does her apartment have narrow plumbing?

ShaolinLambKiller 50 days ago
Got em

Portslob 50 days ago
That's exactly what I was talking about

Barbara 50 days ago
Portslob wrote the aoc rape fantasy too

AnalButt 50 days ago
Every guy wants his dick grated in to strips like a carrot salad.

vagisilcreem 50 days ago
no idea who this is.

AnalButt 50 days ago
The person who holds press conferences everyday for the president. People think they'll actually give their opinion about matters instead of just saying how great everything is. Can't remember the names of the many women Trump had who held the position

Portslob 50 days ago
Sarah huckabee sanders And that hot blonde.. kaley macananey or something

AnalButt 50 days ago
"We're going to do some unfathomably retarded shit with your tax dollars. Here's an attractive women to answer the questions."

vagisilcreem 50 days ago
glad i dont pay attention to that crap