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The Most Bizarre Sport in the World

carveyournamein 51 days ago

xander_crews_horse 51 days ago
Lol it's not surprising it's from Russia, as they're the least athletic of the Eastern Europeans. Basically this looks like what unathletic white guys wish basketball was lmao

xander_crews_horse 51 days ago
Also Russians have no idea how to hit people in the open court: shoulders and knees.

xander_crews_horse 51 days ago
Unless those are illegal, watching it, they might actually be.

xander_crews_horse 51 days ago
Hurling and Gaelic football need to be bigger. Hurling is awesome. You basically have a murder weapon that hucks a murder ball.

Pilgrim 51 days ago
Id watch this over normal basketball

PenicillinTrapdoor 50 days ago
Florentine football is crazier. https://youtu.be/qeuU_Et7ezA

Portslob 50 days ago
I saw a bunch of full grown ass adults playing quidditch in the park the other day.. literally that Harry Potter shit.. these f*cking assholes had brooms between their legs. Any country in the world could easily take over America

xander_crews_horse 50 days ago
Idk man, our weaponry is pretty advanced. You don't even have to be a soldier to be a soldier heading into 2040. The Italian fist fight football is classic sport.

spacetoast 50 days ago
I would do it

xander_crews_horse 50 days ago
You wouldn't lats.

willy_wanker 50 days ago
this is not bizarre at all

xander_crews_horse 50 days ago
Yeah it's basically dissecting a sport to its lowest common denominator. Imho. The 5v5 team mma fights happening over there were kinda the same thing. Old school Russian sports must've been like wrestle bear or throw stick or rock at enemies head idk, it's all just adaptions revolving around curbing rules to include more violent aggression, lol.

xander_crews_horse 50 days ago
No wonder we beat them boys butts in those Olympic ice stick games bad.

xander_crews_horse 50 days ago
I fully expect Russian rap battles to be just a bunch of dudes in Kangol caps fighting on stage while someone shouts out wu tang verses.