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I just went outside to see how cold it is

simon_belmont 125 days ago
It was pretty cold.

jimbo 125 days ago
did you let out a warm fart into the cold breeze

simon_belmont 125 days ago
This arctic blast got me craving a Baja blast

easyhateoven 125 days ago
Cold as life

B__DAWG 125 days ago
you'd listen to Anal Blast if you had any guts

PoultryInMotion 125 days ago
We had a tenth avenue freeze out last night.

B__DAWG 125 days ago
that's Bruce Springsteen

B__DAWG 125 days ago
good song

willy_wanker 125 days ago
i peed outside at 6am this morning. my hot piss froze before it hit the ground

B__DAWG 125 days ago
why wouldn't you pee in the toilet?

B__DAWG 125 days ago
or directly into lurk's mouth?

Hot piss freeze.

willy_wanker 124 days ago
B__DAWG 3 hours ago why wouldn't you pee in the toilet? my cabin doesnt have indoor plumbing

simon_belmont 124 days ago
The trucks at work wouldn't start this morning. Now THAT'S cold!

AnalButt 124 days ago
You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold