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tom verlaine died

B__DAWG 55 days ago
from the band TELEVISION. maybe listen to some TELEVISION tonight?

B__DAWG 55 days ago
dee dee ramone tried out for TELEVISION but he didn't make the cut or was on too much drugs or something. to tie things together for you with my ramones thread down there

simon_belmont 55 days ago
I have a television cd. They were better than the ramones

B__DAWG 55 days ago
they were equally good in different ways

B__DAWG 55 days ago
Marquee Moon is a GREAT album though

B__DAWG 55 days ago
Marky Ramone is a good drummer too

VodkaVeins 55 days ago
Tommy TV

lurkcity 55 days ago
i dont even watch television

easyhateoven 55 days ago
bummer news. great guitar player. television was great