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Getting drunk with NakedFrankReynolds: 1st Date Edition

NakedFrankReynolds 58 days ago
Meeting a chesty brunette for drinks at a dive bar. Currently sipping E&J and Ironing my favorite dress shirt. $5 I shart myself halfway through the date.

NakedFrankReynolds 58 days ago
f*ck, make it $10.

Bortslob 58 days ago
These are kort level threads

NakedFrankReynolds 58 days ago
Apologies dear birtslob

PoultryInMotion 58 days ago
No keep going

Inkongudunk 58 days ago
"Chesty brunette" = fat girl

NakedFrankReynolds 57 days ago
I love fat chicks

ShaolinLambKiller 57 days ago
drink yourself to death

lurkcity 57 days ago
Inkongudunk 1 day ago "Chesty brunette" = fat girl lol

bangbangman 55 days ago
Lol wow

ShaolinLambKiller 54 days ago
hope you died.

PenicillinTrapdoor 53 days ago
I hope you left it in