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the doomsday clock

B__DAWG 11 days ago
that sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me

B__DAWG 11 days ago
oh i did like that iron maiden - two minutes to midnight song though

simon_belmont 11 days ago
What if there was a doom metal clock and ticked really slowly?

kort 11 days ago
< the doomsgay cock

Inkongudunk 11 days ago
It literally is completely unscientific and just based on the vibes and feelings of some pearl clutching science needs who don't understand politics. There aren't even f*ckin numbers on the thing, they are just like... uh oh! Ukraine! Now it's like... uh.. 95 minutes? To midnight? serious business.

Inkongudunk 11 days ago
Needs = nerds Google needs to stop autocorrecting my shit Buncha nerds at work again Smash nerds

lurkcity 11 days ago
is it on mayan time?

toxicnacho 11 days ago
It's on Vader time.

PatrickBateman 11 days ago
This is better...