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do you like 90s emo?

simon_belmont 11 days ago
Don't beat me up, dot. I came across this one. Never heard it before. Pretty good.

PenicillinTrapdoor 11 days ago
I do and I have not heard this.

simon_belmont 11 days ago
It really reminds me of someone, especially the vocals, but I can't think who it is. Probably something that was on Deep Elm Records

Bortslob 11 days ago
You're f*cking dead

dayman 11 days ago
no i do not

VodkaVeins 11 days ago
You rang?

simon_belmont 11 days ago
Well, do you like this?

B__DAWG 11 days ago
i don't particularly

B__DAWG 11 days ago
that guy on the youtube video has ALL and Welt cds beside this though. i had ALL and Welt cds

B__DAWG 11 days ago
WELT kinda sucked

B__DAWG 11 days ago
i used to love this song though. it's emo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfVx8qCJBjo

simon_belmont 11 days ago
That songs decent, I guess

B__DAWG 11 days ago
it's good. it's got heavy metal guitar

simon_belmont 9 days ago
The third track on this Blueprint record is totally neat. I'm really into this record.

simon_belmont 8 days ago
ever heard this one?