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Saw the GZA on Friday

This was better than any hardcore or metal show I've been to in a long time.

B__DAWG 15 days ago
a little too urban for my tastes

I spent 70 dollars on coors lite and had a good time.

B__DAWG 15 days ago
he's so old now they call him the GEEZA

B__DAWG 15 days ago
thats a lot of coors lites

B__DAWG 15 days ago
i''m kind of obsessed with this danny brown - monopoly song. other songs i heard by him were annoying but that one's so good. i keep listening to it. you like that one?

simon_belmont 15 days ago
I think he's totally neat

I think that one is cool. But yeah that was the most coors lite I've had in a long long time.

VodkaVeins 15 days ago
He has a gig here next week. You can drop $150 to play chess with him

easyhateoven 15 days ago
B__DAWG 1 hour ago thats a lot of coors lites he only had two cans