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Attila and Emmure fans

AmusedToDeath 172 days ago
I know about these bands because Lambgoat has a furious commitment to appeasing their PR people and posting press releases involving their actions. They seem utterly ridiculous to me. But they have a significant amount of views on YouTube and go on tours in clubs I have frequented and can confirm mildly successful bands play. So what am I missing? I want to be cool. I desire to be in. What part of the illusion isn't working on me (please refrain from mentioning my sexuality in your insightful, thought-provoking responses). I hope this Saturday is treating you all incredibly well!

xander_crews_horse 172 days ago

xander_crews_horse 172 days ago
No one here likes either of those bands, at least that I'm aware of.

simon_belmont 172 days ago
This mb is all guys in their mid 30s who listen to 90s and early 00s music. Except bullhead. He's like 50

xander_crews_horse 172 days ago
Bullhead still thinks Van Halen is the heaviest music can get.

xander_crews_horse 172 days ago
Imagine being the age where at one point your concept of hard music was Van Halen and a few years later Slayer is a thing.

vagisilcreem 172 days ago
no idea what these bands sound like and im ok with that.

skinsuit 172 days ago