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Boot Barn

About to go for the first time. Get some new boots, maybe a belt buckle.

Bortslob 17 days ago
Have fun shoe shopping f a g g o t

I'm gonna get a boot to put up your ass.

simon_belmont 17 days ago
What kind of boots?

Not sure yet. I've always bought Red Wings/Irish Setters before, but we get some kind of deal through work now for Boot Barn. Might try to find a decent Ariat slip on or something similar. Tired of laces.

Got some slip on wolverines and a cowboy shirt. Belt buckles were like 50 f*cking bucks for a stupid eagle, so no. Hopefully these provide maximum comfort.

Bortslob 16 days ago
Wolverine is the way to go. They make the best boots. Timberlands, Chippewa and red wing are inferior to the mighty wolverines

B__DAWG 16 days ago
what's a cowboy shirt?

simon_belmont 16 days ago
It's a frilly kind of shirt they wore in the old west. Kind of like the Seinfeld pirate shirt.

simon_belmont 16 days ago
Think Billy Zane in Tombstone

Day 1 of the work boots and I'm feeling great with the Wolverine choice. I already got some beef rib juice on my new shirt, so going to have to launder it already.

I would rather dress like Billy Zane in Demon Night.