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Jason Molina demo tape

simon_belmont 98 days ago
Sounds like late 90s to me. I hear some Lioness but also some Pyramid Electric Co in it. https://staticanddistance.substack.com/p/for-lounge-ax-demo-tape?utm_source=podcast-email%2Csubstack&publication_id=587637&post_id=90633150&utm_medium=email#details

Bortslob 98 days ago
Is that aqua man?

B__DAWG 98 days ago
he's a deceased vocalist

Bortslob 98 days ago
Aqua man died?

lurkcity 98 days ago
not in the movie at least

Cool. Thanks bud.

lordzedd 98 days ago
Batman has butt sex with robin.

lordzedd 98 days ago

I enjoyed it.

B__DAWG 97 days ago
did you ever hear that Trials and Error one? i like it. they want be crazy horse so bad

simon_belmont 97 days ago
I've heard them all