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name your favorite faith no more song

willy_wanker 61 days ago
mine is "surprise youre dead"

B__DAWG 61 days ago
I liked that "it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it" song. But not the one with patton

VodkaVeins 61 days ago
Your favorite FNM song...WHAT IS IT?!

lurkcity 61 days ago
easy like hate oven

simon_belmont 60 days ago
Surprise You're Dead is probably my answer. That guitar riff is neat

f28r06a42n12k 60 days ago
We care a lot

Jemenez_Cricket 60 days ago
Crack Hitler

lordzedd 60 days ago
What is this br000000

lordzedd 60 days ago
Yea it's what is is or sumthin these guys are so ahead of their time br00000

The Perfect Crime

gamecube 60 days ago
would anybody tell me if i were getting..stupider?

Pilgrim 60 days ago
We care a lot I think that's the only one I like