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Okay, which one of you did this?

Godfreyjones 62 days ago
Fess up https://nypost.com/2022/12/06/florida-man-busted-for-public-sex-with-dog-wrecking-church-nativity-scene/amp/?utm_source=snap-news&utm_medium=fulltext&utm_campaign=partnerfeed

lurkcity 61 days ago
ill say it again... drugs are bad

Godfreyjones 61 days ago
Florida_Chad is the worst chad.

VodkaVeins 61 days ago
"At one point, he began fornicating with the animal..." He wasn't even married to the dog!

lurkcity 61 days ago
he and that dog better not go to indonesia

ej 61 days ago

willy_wanker 60 days ago
anyone with a haircut like that you know hes an asshole