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Just finished reading the book Requiem For A Dream

simon_belmont 111 days ago
Pretty good. It's been so long since I saw the movie I thought this was a good time, while I didn't remember much. And I was right. It's a pretty intense look at addiction. The way Selby writes about it, it's pretty clear he's been there. Anyone here read any other Selby besides this or Last Exit To Brooklyn?

B__DAWG 111 days ago
i thought that was a movie

simon_belmont 111 days ago
Sometimes they make movie adaptations of books

rick_tocchet 111 days ago
Nope. Still getting through Lord of the Rings.

simon_belmont 111 days ago
They made some movies out of that too

simon_belmont 111 days ago
I think I'm going to read Blood Meridian next

lordzedd 111 days ago
The diet lady was f*ckin crazy. That's all I remember from that movie....

simon_belmont 111 days ago
You don't remember "ass to ass"? That's what I remember

easyhateoven 111 days ago
f*cked up movie and book. good/creepy soundtrack

jimbo 111 days ago
not sure about the book, but watching the movie nowadays it's interesting to see that adaptation turned into the late 90s/ early 2000 NY. Leto and Wayans pulled off that era perfectly. 'spect.

jimbo 111 days ago
Maybe the movie actually took place in the 70s? Mind blown

VodkaVeins 110 days ago
Its supposed to be non-specific, director said he used 70s and 90s because the mix feels timeless

simon_belmont 110 days ago
I don't remember. I was thinking about that, did they adapt it to be more like the 90s or whatever? I'm going to have to watch it soon. But even as you read the book, it doesn't feel like it's specifically 70s. There's some hints or references but it could have definitely been later too.