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you wanna hear the cds i bought yestertday?

united_ninety_three 108 days ago
No idea what the Isis style of metal or whatever is called but I always preferred Cult of Luna when it came to that stuff

jimbo 108 days ago
would rather just listen to some fetus or suffo

jimbo 108 days ago
like with all the stoner bands nowadays, its too saturated. just put on some sabbath. they have enough music to recycle thru and not get tired. sprinkle some fetus in there, maybe some corpse. all you need for metal.

kort 108 days ago
you should CDs nutz

shitinyourhand 108 days ago
Why bother? My cd's have been in a box in the garage for like 10 years.

B__DAWG 108 days ago
yeah i sold all my cds years ago but now i buy them again. it's "fun"

B__DAWG 108 days ago
i listen to them

simon_belmont 108 days ago
CDs are cool. I'm listening to one right now!

B__DAWG 108 days ago
that bill frisell cd is real nice. i guess it was a project where he made a soundtrack to be played over a photography exhibition, but it still sounds good without the photographs. it sounds like that Earth - Hex or Imprinting in the Infernal Method album