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this never ending Callous Daoboys news

kort 68 days ago
stop it lurk you sick son of a b1tch

B__DAWG 68 days ago
that's definitely one band i'll never listen to

Jemenez_Cricket 68 days ago
Yeah ppl listen to you boogers

7billiondead 67 days ago
More taproot news plz

B__DAWG 67 days ago
I'm listening. It's God awful. Pretty bad dillinger rip off then bad artsy theatrical part. It's not for me

VodkaVeins 67 days ago
I tried to give them a shot just now, but the song was called "The Elephant Man in the Room" and the music still hadn't started 1:30 in. f*ck these dickheads.

lurkcity 67 days ago
if you dont like late 90s or early 2000s spazzy jazzy metalcore, they aint for you.

B__DAWG 67 days ago
i saw Candiria. they ain't no candiria, i'm pretty sure

NorthFromHere 67 days ago
I think they are ok (if I were them I'd streamline the DEP type parts with less weirdness) but the news spam gets a little annoying.

simon_belmont 67 days ago
They AINT no Candiria. That's for sure. They kinda stink! But if Norma Jean was your access point into weird time signatures then I can see why someone would like them. But they should listen to something better instead

Inkongudunk 67 days ago
Will never listen.

just_farted 67 days ago
tired of hearing about them. shit sucks

lurkcity 67 days ago
I don't control what gets announced and when. They are a busy band currently. Don't know what to tell you

PoultryInMotion 66 days ago
I love the oddly specific nostalgia genres. This music isn't for you if you don't like this one weird old subgenre that was played out 20 years ago. 🥱

rick_tocchet 66 days ago
Its recycled shit that is just annoying nowadays.