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I was listening to some jazz LPs today

simon_belmont 63 days ago
From my collection of vinyl record albums Dave Brubeck Quartet - Last Set at Newport Very nice. Great drummer on this. Miles & Monk at Newport It's a split with Miles on one side and Monk on the other. The Miles stuff is from '58, so not too wild, but excellent. The Monk stuff is from '63. Pretty nice stuff Yusef Lateef - Gong Really great stuff here. A little bit of that Eastern influence he would get into hard later but not over the top. Jack McDuff - Screamin Nice organ based jazz stuff here. All of these records were purchased at Goodwill over the years. Great finds.

B__DAWG 63 days ago
what you think youre too good for metal now?

simon_belmont 63 days ago

simon_belmont 63 days ago
I like when they toot toot on the horns

AnalButt 63 days ago
Opening up the pit when the guy pulls out the trumpet mute

simon_belmont 63 days ago
I might listen to some more tomorrow. I got another live Brubeck record, some Charlie Parker, maybe even get weird and get into some Return To Forever. I got a coupe Mulatu Astatke records but those didn't come from Goodwill. I paid regular price for them

easyhateoven 63 days ago
simon_belmont 1 hour ago I like when they toot toot on the horns i just did that 5 minutes ago

PenicillinTrapdoor 63 days ago
Mulatu Astatke is the f*ckin man. That Ethiopique volume whatever is what's up.

simon_belmont 63 days ago
Yeah I got really into the Ethiopiqies series when they were doing those. So much cool shit. But he was probably the standout.