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Profited like 5-6k from Draftkings & FanDuel this month

nothinlefttogive 6 days ago
What kinds of fun things should I get?

simon_belmont 6 days ago

nothinlefttogive 6 days ago
That does sound luxurious

nothinlefttogive 6 days ago
& french

PoultryInMotion 6 days ago
get a few if those gel bb guns the kids are doing drive bys on the news with. and wool socks.

Pilgrim 6 days ago
I'll sell you my fleshlight

nothinlefttogive 6 days ago
Might cop a pair of AKG c-214's, actually. These might add something resembling "talent" to my room mixes.

Inkongudunk 6 days ago
You should buy cool stuff instead of lame stuff. Like a dirt bike and a shotgun

nothinlefttogive 6 days ago
I fukkin wish! I lack the appropriate storage for both of those items, I am currently between housing situations. Fancy(ish) microphones will have to do...

lurkcity 5 days ago
i feel like you forgot to post your affiliate link in this thread

bangbangman 5 days ago
Oh yeah

nothinlefttogive 5 days ago
You should sell them some advertising, Lurk Smartguy™