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simon_belmont 71 days ago
Remember that band? They were pretty good. City of the Stars, Jersey Shores. That one with that Tina, Bring Me The Axe song that had that neat rhythm change into that neat riff. Those weee good. I saw them with Monotonix one time.

B__DAWG 71 days ago
they did a split record with Teen Cthulhu. i did see both of those bands perform live

lurkcity 71 days ago
Imgur picture
easyhateoven 71 days ago

Bortslob 71 days ago
Is that lurks mom?

lurkcity 71 days ago

jimbo 70 days ago
nah lurks mom looked like that fat whale in what's eating Gilbert grape

VodkaVeins 70 days ago
I liked City Of The Stars