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"Big Takeover" by Bad Brains

simon_belmont 81 days ago
That song is good

B__DAWG 81 days ago
i've heard it

simon_belmont 81 days ago
Did you think it was "aces"?

easyhateoven 81 days ago
it's up there

Inkongudunk 80 days ago
More like Bad Band

B__DAWG 80 days ago

simon_belmont 80 days ago

easyhateoven 80 days ago
excellent band

PatrickBateman 80 days ago
Sometimes you pick decent music Simon. Sometimes… Iconic album and a good track.

simon_belmont 80 days ago
I was actually listening to the version of The Youth Are Getting Restless. That buildup part where HR starts screaming and then the bass solo after. That's the good shit.

simon_belmont 80 days ago