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whats worse

Barbara 12 days ago
korts posts or jemenez following him around like a lonely, horny dog

PoultryInMotion 12 days ago
Obviously the same person.

Barbara 12 days ago
Eat shit and die, person who showed up to f*ck the dead corpse that is this board

PoultryInMotion 12 days ago
haha blow me

kort 12 days ago
if i was posting as jimenez lurk would be sure to tell you. he knows who it is. and he is happy with him threatening sexual assault. my guess is that it's lurk himself

jon 12 days ago
Yeah. I have 4 inches of limp penis in my asshole right now.

easyhateoven 12 days ago

VodkaVeins 12 days ago
PoultryInMotion 5 hours ago Obviously the same person. You have the worst username on this board. I bet you're one of Dylan's friends...

PoultryInMotion 12 days ago
You're obsessed. Yes, I won the worst username contest, better luck next time.

Inkongudunk 12 days ago
Criticism does not mean people are obsessed with you or reflecting on themselves. It means they see you, think you're stupid, and said so.

VodkaVeins 12 days ago
I did say it twice, though. Im probably gonna say it again

lurkcity 12 days ago
Weird that barb even cares

kort 11 days ago
it's too bad lurk isnt here to provide his insight