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Death Cab for Cutie

PatrickBateman 15 days ago
Latest album has decent remnants of Postal Service. It is still indie/emo but better than the last few albums.

lurkcity 15 days ago
youve failed.

Inkongudunk 15 days ago
Bad thread

PatrickBateman 15 days ago
This is a thread about music from DCFC. I'm not here for your shitty opinion, only my shitty opinion.

PenicillinTrapdoor 14 days ago
Haven't listened to any of their last few albums. I like a lot of their early stuff though. I'm an emo gay.

VodkaVeins 14 days ago
Bad thread, terrible username. I bet you have strong opinions about Donnie Darko

Inkongudunk 14 days ago
He definitely listens to Gary Vee

lurkcity 14 days ago
I'd like to jump on to making fun of the American psycho but I like and have opinions on Donnie darko and I've listened to Gary V.

lurkcity 14 days ago
But diff has been dog shit since like after plans. Narrow stairs and codes and keys were decent but had some sleepers in there that made me not enjoy those records as much. I stopped listening to them after codes

I still blast Plans and Transatlantism on the reg.

rick_tocchet 12 days ago
Terrible f*cking band and worse band name. Get f*cked.

VodkaVeins 12 days ago
lurkcity 1 day ago I like and have opinions on Donnie darko Suck a f*ck, bud.

VodkaVeins 12 days ago
rick_tocchet 46 minutes ago Terrible f*cking band and worse band name. Get f*cked. Agreed on the name being awful. That "I will follow you into the dark" song is pretty f*cking catchy, though.

dev 12 days ago
Best DCFC songs: 1. Brothers on a Hotel Bed 2. Stable Song 3. Transatlanticism 4. Talking Bird 5. Your Heart is an Empty Room

dev 12 days ago
Shit, forgot to put St. Peter's Cathedral