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Lurk Doofus™

nothinlefttogive 69 days ago
Did it hit you yet that you're in over your head? 1 case of Little Debbie's for this shitpile...that's my offer...

A_tumbleweed 69 days ago
*whispers in your ear ever so gently* This place isn't even worth a half eaten Three Musketeers. *Blows away*

nothinlefttogive 69 days ago
It's far from the 7 figgies he asked for, but there'll be at least 7 kinds of snacks in said case...

simon_belmont 69 days ago
Why/how would a tumbleweed whisper? It's too abstract for a simple gimmick. Maybe if it was like ghost_of_shat or something like that.

NakedFrankReynolds 69 days ago
I'll buy the website for $60,000.

nothinlefttogive 69 days ago
Lurk Doughboy™ thinks it's worth 1M+

nothinlefttogive 69 days ago
He's from Jacksonville. Probably the bath salts...