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My wife tried to seal 85K from me.

_d0thack_ 7/28/2021 8:39:34 PM
Never trust a bitch in blue.

_d0thack_ 7/28/2021 8:40:25 PM
By seal I meant steal but it's kosher.

Barbara 7/28/2021 9:06:51 PM
Tell me more

butlerianjihad 7/28/2021 9:10:06 PM
Remember when you used to get drunk and lie about stuff

AnalButt 7/28/2021 9:16:42 PM
I've moved for a chick and she left me high and dry. It sucks but there's absolutely nothing you can do to thwart it. Just be thankful you didn't breed with her

butlerianjihad 7/28/2021 9:27:28 PM
She a had a purpoise to seal your hard earned clams now you're stuck playing with your own starfish eh

AnalButt 7/28/2021 9:27:31 PM
Also; 85k is a great amount. I'm just living paycheck to paycheck; you're a good saver.

Inkongudunk 7/28/2021 9:43:52 PM
Only marry hispanic women. Facts

butlerianjihad 7/28/2021 9:44:48 PM
Terrible advice

Inkongudunk 7/28/2021 9:45:20 PM
Also. Retain ID and "domicile" in MO. Trust me

Inkongudunk 7/28/2021 9:46:09 PM
Hispanic women like family, cooking, raw wild f*ckin, and roses and chocolates with tequila

butlerianjihad 7/28/2021 9:46:48 PM
Terrible advice

Inkongudunk 7/28/2021 9:46:50 PM
Greatest thing God gave to earth was a mean ass hispanic woman with hips and ass

Inkongudunk 7/28/2021 9:47:38 PM
But also. MO is not a "community property" state. CA certainly is.

AnalButt 7/28/2021 9:47:46 PM
White men who have never "slayed" a Hispanic chick think they are off limits.