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Post in this thread and I'll read you your fortune

oillipolo 48 days ago
Who will be the first to receive the rites of divination? Ask not in jest, for the esoteric seas run oily and deep.

AnalButt 48 days ago
I spilled baked beans all over myself watching Cars 2 in theaters

jimbo 48 days ago
thought had a fart but a little splatter is now left on platter

bangbangman 48 days ago
Lol wow

skinsuit 48 days ago
Kill self.

oillipolo 48 days ago
AnalButt 16 hours ago I spilled baked beans all over myself watching Cars 2 in theaters Despite this temporary setback, remember that the nights is always darkest before the dawn. It's been a humid summer in the lone star state, but your love life is about to get even steamier. Anoint that secret crush of yours with lavish praise, now is not the time to stay timid. The dividends should you proceed? A romantic rendezvous somewhere on the gulf in mid September.

oillipolo 48 days ago
jimbo 16 hours ago thought had a fart but a little splatter is now left on platter On august 25th, at 8:39pm, you'll use your McDonald's rewards app and take advantage of the daily $5 dollar crispy chicken sandwich deal with medium fries and medium drink (Dr.Pepper) You'll also enjoy an ice cream cone, which in a reversal of norms owing to necessity, you'll consume before your sandwich and fries. (not your usual McDonalds, the one by the Home Depot a little further from your place with the shorter line)

oillipolo 48 days ago
bangbangman 6 hours ago Lol wow Do not kill the next moth you meet.

oillipolo 47 days ago
skinsuit 6 hours ago Kill self. En brist på djuphet och konsekvens som kännetecknar dig. Du kan absolut inte fokusera på någonting, och din intellektuella process är väldigt ytlig. Allt du säger är totalt ointressant. Det är bara varmluft i alla fall. Du tror inte på ett enda ord du säger, och du glömmer allt du säger några minuter senare. Du hoppar från ett ämne till ett annat för att föra en konversation för att framstå som kunsage och intressant. Det är dock helt uppenbart att du är en medioker och ytlig person under din vetenskapliga faner. Du har inga känslor och ingen medkänsla. Du liknar en intelligent robot, som upprepar vad den har lärt sig, eller vad den har upplevt, utan att tänka själv.

gamecube 47 days ago
i get knocked out. but i get up again.

ShaolinLambKiller 47 days ago

easyhateoven 47 days ago
poop in this toilet and i'll read your shit

oillipolo 46 days ago
gamecube 7 hours ago i get knocked out. but i get up again. Although the sin was great, your years of remorse and suffering have been penance enough. Free yourself from the yolk of guilt and regret; you're forgiven.

kort 46 days ago

oillipolo 46 days ago
ShaolinLambKiller 7 hours ago lol Born under a lunatic sky, the astronomers called the meteors scarring the southern horizon The Leonids, but amongst the legion of blackened rock, monoliths from a void beyond the realms of the imagined universe gleamed in incendiary malignancy. So to will you leave this world, if ever those strange forms return to collect their progeny. You tower over them all, ShaolinLambKilller. You dance naked, your small feet lively and quick and in doubletime. You bow to the ladies, huge and pale and hairless, like an enormous infant. You never sleep, you say, you'll never die. You bow to the fiddlers and sashay backwards and throw back your head and laugh deep in your throat and you're a great favorite, Shaolin. You waft your hat and the lunar dome of your skull passes palely under the lamps and you swing about and takes possession of one of the fiddles and you pirouette and make a pass, two passes, dancing and fiddling all at once. Your feet are light and nimble. You never sleep. They say that you will never die. You dance in light and in shadow and are a great favorite. He never sleeps, ShaolinLambKiller. He is dancing, dancing. He says that he will never die.