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Ringworm/All Out War show this week

_d0thack_ 8/14/2022 10:39:46 AM
It isn't that. You're just that unlikable. And retarded.

easyhateoven 8/14/2022 10:41:02 AM
hey d0th. how've ya been?

_d0thack_ 8/14/2022 10:43:57 AM
Not bad at all man. How about you?

easyhateoven 8/14/2022 10:48:54 AM
worrrrd. been a wild few weeks, but i'm still breathin'

_d0thack_ 8/14/2022 10:55:13 AM
Niiiceeee 👍

666pack 8/14/2022 11:16:12 AM
I want to see this tour so badly. I've onlyseen Ringworm once and never for All Out War even though I've loved them since I was 15. I wish they'd expand the dates. Tell us how it goes!

lurkcity 8/14/2022 11:29:20 AM
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666pack 8/24/2022 3:45:12 PM
bump Did you go Simon? If so how many hot dogs did you eat beforehand and and how many basketball jerseys did you see?

simon_belmont 8/24/2022 5:08:38 PM
I did attend this event. There weren't a lot of other metallic hardcore enthusiasts there, maybe 50 or so. All Out War were good. Brought the mosh. Played some classics. The moshers went off to Claim Your Innocence as expected. They played a couple new ones which sounded good. Ringworm I found a bit boring this go around.

666pack 8/25/2022 12:21:53 PM
Nice, glad you went. Hardcore has definitely made a comeback, but people don't seem to love these two bands for whatever reason. All Out War has the best breakdowns to me. I could see Ringworm being boring these days, there last album leans more heavily into thrash is a snooze fest. It won't happen but I hope they tour out here on the west coast

Bortslob 8/25/2022 12:55:22 PM
Sounds like a big ole d-sucking fest

simon_belmont 8/25/2022 1:18:56 PM
Well you'd know

simon_belmont 8/25/2022 1:28:33 PM
Last time I saw Ringworm was 2005 when Justice Replaced by Revenge came out. I guess maybe I was unfairly comparing them to then. But it didn't really excite me much.

Bortslob 8/25/2022 1:39:43 PM
No one cares

lurkcity 8/25/2022 2:00:31 PM