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the pro trump cult fanatics are f*cked up

willy_wanker 51 days ago
like seriously

AnalButt 51 days ago
They've been drinking?

willy_wanker 51 days ago
cyanide hopefully

rick_tocchet 51 days ago
I honor and pray to Nancy Pelosi every night before eating the foreskins of newly circumsized babies.

lurkcity 51 days ago
i just follow her stock trades

easyhateoven 51 days ago
pro anything cult-related fanatics are f*cked up.

p@ 51 days ago
Uneducated white people can't get enough of the guy

Bortslob 50 days ago
Don't f*ck with us

beef 50 days ago
What are you going to do? Break in to the capital? Try to hang Mike Pence? Try to kill FBI agents?

Jimmyfloyd 50 days ago
Iced Earth always sucked

Conduit 50 days ago
Can't wait for his 2024 presidency run.

willy_wanker 50 days ago
its going to be very difficult running his campaign from a prison cell

rick_tocchet 50 days ago
Willy. You havent figured out that Trump is the wrench in the huge Globalist Elites game yet? Why do you think literally EVERYONE in the World is hating on the guy? You think he really is that bad of a human? If he was, he would probably be dead or already locked up. I am no HUGE Trump guy. But I see the game that is being played with the people that have been in power in politics for over 50 years (lifelong politicians, companies, movie stars, all the media) and what Trump may be capable of. What is really sad though. Is all the time and effort the establishment goes through to try and bring Trump down and they still cant. That is the joke. Lol. Trump will win next election and they know it. Thats why they are doing everything in their power to bring the dude down. This latest FBI raid is just the beginning.

simon_belmont 50 days ago

willy_wanker 50 days ago
tonald drump