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lurk why did you put me in time-out

kort 54 days ago
serious question, what did i do?

beef 54 days ago
My guess is its from the endless amounts of completely dumb-sh*t posts you create.

kort 53 days ago
wwjd spammed the board like crazy and then all of a sudden i get deleted, like lurk clicked the wrong button and was too prideful/ignorant to fix it

Jemenez_Cricket 53 days ago
Shutup you f*cking caceypoo bitch

kort 53 days ago
wow this board just reaching new heights daily

Jemenez_Cricket 53 days ago
Do something about it then bitch

kort 53 days ago
somebody better bring this little guy to the vet, he's showing signs of distemper

ShaolinLambKiller 53 days ago

NoSubReddit904 53 days ago
I'm just here so I don't get fined.

Jemenez_Cricket 53 days ago
You literally asked a grown man why you were in time out. Beyond a loser.

kort 52 days ago
lol lurk being a punk and refusing to acknowledge this thread

kort 52 days ago

Bortslob 52 days ago
Bortslob 13 hours ago For suckin

lurkcity 52 days ago
you had it coming and im sure that won't be the only time you will be locked out... since you can't get along with others. but hey maybe if you keep it together you wont miss out on posting... not sure really what the need for an anti-carve gimmick is when carve is no longer here though.

Inkongudunk 52 days ago
Lol, lurk just kinda owned you kort