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metallica being cancelled

lurkcity 123 days ago
you think that will stick or nah?

simon_belmont 123 days ago
I canceled them 25 years ago

virus_dot_exe 123 days ago

jimbo 123 days ago
cancel Lars pls

nothinlefttogive 123 days ago
Listen, Lurk Flunky™, it's YOU who's cancelled, ya dig?

For playing too slow?

willy_wanker 123 days ago
no real metal fan gives a f*ck if non metal fans cancel a band they dont like

starship 123 days ago
STFU lurk you sick f*ck

shitinyourhand 123 days ago
They should cancel people who do nothing but try cancel people.. I saw that link about that fat cow who brought all that shit up in the first place.. I don't really give a shit if metallica gets cancelled either i just hate fat internet cows

Bortslob 123 days ago
Tim lambesis should murder her

VodkaVeins 122 days ago
Metallica aint cancelled until Lars or Hetfield die. Not an opinion. Just the facts, ma'am.

PatrickBateman 122 days ago
Highly unlikely

thetowerofrome 122 days ago
Should we all put our heads together and try and cancel lurk?

lurkcity 122 days ago
if it gives you something to do with your day, go for it!