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People I've ran off the Lambgoat

starship 9 days ago
For being stupid bitches: Inkongoisuckylongtimeblkdongo _dickhAT_ Shoailinsheepf*cker There's more but I can't reveal that right yet.

Inkongudunk 9 days ago
Yep, I'm definitely not here...

withdeadhandsrising 0 seconds ago gimmick

starship 8 days ago
Boo hoo keep crying about it ho

p@ 8 days ago
Repulsion =/= run off

starship 8 days ago
Good repulsing queers is fun douchenozzle

Inkongudunk 8 days ago
No one cares about the homobphobia now, bud Lurk said he isn't enforcing those type of rules Type until your heart is content

starship 8 days ago
I have nothing against anyone. All I'm doing is honoring the will of Lambgoat. The queers have gotta go. Lurk is no webmaster at least not yet. I can't stand to see people suck his dick here like the board is their reserved suite. At least webby didn't try to flex with his rad and awesome administration privileges. I'll be sure to stay in my lane or else you'll put me in a timeout.. wat a dumdum

trind is a gimmick.

starship 8 days ago
Don't wanna you know, and u definitely don't know who I am. I bet it smells like a dog shit in your mouth when your speak

i know. have fun when this all unravels and you have nothing left, pal.

starship 8 days ago
Ok pussy sounds good

lake_flaccid 8 days ago
lol at this idiot, too little too late you're the only one still trying, kinda makes you the bitch doesn't it