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Inkongudunk 10 days ago
Pain Into Power is Terror in true form. It spits and punches. It mixes ferocious speeds with crushing heaviness. It brings back the same feelings you got when you first heard Lowest of the Low or One With The Underdogs. It's relentless, it's true hardcore: It's Terror. The album starts with a short but sweet title track that pretty much sets the stage for a Terror live show. You can feel the lights come up as the guitars kick in, you can feel the band take the stage, the surge of movement and positive aggression. And when the breakdown hits (TERROR CREW, TRIED AND TRUE), you know there isn't a person in the building that isn't looking for someone to punch in the face (in a friendly kind of way). The next track keeps the same momentum. It chugs along with a big, heavy chorus everyone can rush the stage and sing along to. And for about 10 blissful seconds at the end, there's a genuine moment of unity that is guaranteed to bring the house down live. This album comes with banger after banger and Boundless Contempt is no exception. Terror has evolved into using more metal vocals, faster drums, etc. All thanks to Todd Jones, but it all fits. It creates this sense of urgency coupled with trudging anger and spite. The added vocal effects and the bass drop in the breakdown change things up in a subtle but non-alienating way. This is negative hardcore. And its glorious. There are moments on the album where you sincerely feel like you've travelled back to 2000 or 2001 and you're hearing the same type of hardcore that you knew and loved. The middle tracks are basically samples of what you should have been listening to all these years. Even with the guest appearance by Corpsegrinder, of Cannibal Corpse fame, the tracks bring that certain type of pissed off, "f*ck you" rhythm that Terror is known for. The call and answer chorus of Cant Help But Hate is perfect for the chugging breakdown revisited throughout the song. The album closes with a song they used to play as an into live and turned into a damn solid closing track. Bringing Jones back was a great idea. Terror sounds f*cking pissed off. I hear this album, and I get pissed off. And that's a good thing.

starship 10 days ago

PatrickBateman 10 days ago
Well stated sir. They lost their way toward the middle of the catalogue but this is back to basics while adding the angst they had toward their early albums. I think it will be their undisputed masterpiece. Boundless Contempt is a song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics. But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity and the importance of trends. It's also a personal statement about the band itself.

Jemenez_Cricket 10 days ago
Bro you arent convincing me to put on Terror in 2022

Inkongudunk 10 days ago
You're missing out.

Jemenez_Cricket 10 days ago
Ive been on this shit so ill quit being a bitch little hater and put it on for u https://youtu.be/1UVo8DpaTEY

lurkcity 9 days ago
Yea new ep was pretty dang good

webmaster 9 days ago
It's relentless, it's true hardcore: It's Terror. f*cking lol

easyhateoven 9 days ago
there was some terror in my bathroom this morning

Inkongudunk 9 days ago
Lol, my thread brought webby out of the woodwork

easyhateoven 9 days ago
terror > primus

webmaster 9 days ago
Primus f*cking sucks

rick_tocchet 9 days ago
The album is above average. It is the best hardcore out right now.

easyhateoven 9 days ago
webmaster, i thought you loved primus

simon_belmont 9 days ago
Saying Primus sucks is like an inside joke amongst fans. It's like people with "It's a Jeep Thing" on the spare tire