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Lurk Tubby™

nothinlefttogive 10 days ago
U pd yet, br0?

lurkcity 10 days ago
Was I the first thing you thought of when you woke up… again?

vagisilcreem 10 days ago
he obviously has a major crush on you.

simon_belmont 10 days ago
Good song https://youtu.be/GbzlHJJz4hQ

easyhateoven 10 days ago
it is a good song. now i must go cry

nothinlefttogive 10 days ago
Nah, I def. checked the Discord first

nothinlefttogive 10 days ago
& yes, Belmont. *Headwalks out of thread*

lurkcity 10 days ago
nothinlefttogive 9 minutes ago Nah, I def. checked the Discord first sure, but at 6am you're thinking about me in general. thats weird as f*ck.
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nothinlefttogive 10 days ago
I've got a 19-month-old...you'll never comprehend or relate to the weird hours us dads sometimes keep because you repulse women.

lurkcity 10 days ago
So that makes you think about me first thing in the morning instead of tending to your responsibilities?

ShaolinLambKiller 10 days ago

nothinlefttogive 10 days ago
First thing in the morning? Try like 2-3 hours into my "day"...I don't keep ewok hours, doughboy...

nothinlefttogive 10 days ago
Also, U pd yet?

beef 10 days ago
Why are you so concerned about it? Do you not have anything better to do with yourself aside from wiping your dumb kids ass?

AnalButt 10 days ago
No one cares what you think or ask, beef. Stop Posting