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*rides into a ghost town, horse lathered from the long trip*

evil_hero 17 days ago
*stares down main street, theres no one in sight* *a hot wind blows a tumbleweed across the road* *my hand hovers above the butt of my 45-70 govt revolver* *my eyes, hidden under the brim my hat, sting from the sweat dripping down my forehead* whoa there, traveler! *a voice boomed from above* *i craned my neck to the upper floor of the brothel* *bossman lurk leaned out the window, lever action in hand* *i glanced at the downstairs windows. scared townspeople cowered in the shadows* *i yell to the people* jimbo! you in there? *silence* heh heh heh... they like it here, stranger. they can leave if they want! *the bossman's voice seemed pleasant enough, but i could see his flunkies lurking about on the rooftops, rifles in hand* *i ignored his pig like bleating and yelled back to the town folk* jimbo if you're in there bro... sneak out under cover of night. meet us at the county line. we'll get you into the discord. get you fed a good meal and some new gingham shirts. its real nice over there jimbo. we got fresh water wells and a lot of good people building a nice life... *the cocking of a lever action stopped me instantly* *bossman lurk leaned out the window farther. i could see food stains on his silk shirt. the sun glinted crudely off his sheriff's badge* y'all run along now and tell your friends down at bordertown that they're welcome to come back any time they like! *with that bossman lurk stomped his boot on the floor loudly* *the people people were startled and a baby started crying* *i wheeled my horse and took off riding out of rifle range*

A_tumbleweed 17 days ago
*blows by*

oillipolo 17 days ago
I enjoyed this narrative. It's a wonderful example of mis en scène done right. A_tumbleweed blowing in really added to the verisimilitude. I eagerly await the next chapter of this borderland saga!

starship 17 days ago
Damn horse theif. I will find you

rick_tocchet 17 days ago

evil_hero 16 days ago
*i rode down to the rivers edge to water my horse and get my thoughts straight* *down river at the towns edge i could see a few of lurk's security guys splashing about in the river* *suddenly they started kissing* *i awkwardly look away as they get more serious* ooohh kaayyyyy wellllll *suddenly i heard a coughing from the bushes. i drew my revolver* *pushing aside the bush i saw an emaciated old man, near death* names.... willy.... *COUGH COUGH* lurk left me here to die..... *i could see the name on a police badge on his shirt: sheriff wanker* please..... wont you help me... BLAM *i fired a round into his skull* he wasn't long for this world. *lurks flunkies were brokeback mountaining each other in the river so i crept real quiet like past them to where i could see behind the brothel. a 1/2 ton of dynamite sat in a wagon.* *i hustled back to my horse before lurk's guys finished up* *a plan was beginning to form, but i'd need a sharpshooter* *the dust trailed off in the wind as i put the spurs to my horse and made for the box canyon and the one person who could help me pull this off*

oillipolo 16 days ago
The saga continues!!!! I wait on bated breath for the next chapter of this border ballad and the machinations of it's hero errant!

starship 16 days ago
*as slk and dothack passionately pumped each others asses in the water they are suddenly startled by a bright light* *Not wanting to break the intense eye contact as slk stares up intently from behind , dothack continued to embrace the man's ass until reluctantly forced to finally look away as a loud crack of thunder erupts overhead* *nothing is visible at except for the gloomy overcast of clouds. *Then a terrible shape emerged, a ufo starship which promptly incinerates them in their act of gayness.* *Lurk screamed screas in rage as he watches his fiercest dickmonkey warriors evaporate in thin air through his binoculars* *The great craft rises again to the heavens bfore disappearing, and a golden light shines down before evil_hero revealing a phallic shaped doorway in the brush leading to discord*

f28r06a42n12k 16 days ago
Yee haw

evil_hero 16 days ago
*i rode down box canyon to the end of the road* *old dilapidated homestead surrounded by junk and trash* *it appeared no one was home as i tied up my horse and knocked the dust off my riding coat* *revolver in hand i approached the house and walked inside spurs jangling and boots knocking on the loose floorboards* *papers scattered about, scrawled with strange drawings* any one home? *i walked further into the building that appeared totally empty and abandoned, stopping in the back corner* *listening carefully i could make out the labored breathing of a weighty individual* carve? you in here bro? *toeing a loose floorboard aside i saw the grizzled face of the sharpshooter carve* hero? whats up? *i explained to him about bossman lurk, the townfolk, the dynamite* *carve nodded solemnly* i'm in. but, we'll need a third. and i know just the person *carve led me down to the creekside which was littered with mezcal bottles* *a drunk mexican was laying face down dead in the muck* *carve reached down a gave him a shake* cacabutt, wake up pendejo. we need your help! *the mexican pushed his hair from his face and grinned a mouth of rotted teeth* "just tell me who to kill..."

thetowerofrome 15 days ago
Too many words

oillipolo 15 days ago
The epic of the hero we need but not the hero we deserve. I hope we witness the posse met out some frontier justice, betwixt and between, on the sage and mesquite strewn liminal space that reimagines and reconstitutes the archetypical border conflict of the American Western cinematic canon. *pages A_tumbleweed.

evil_hero 14 days ago
*we rode hard back for the ghost town hoping to arrive well before sun down so we could take our positions* *i hopped off my horse near the rivers edge and checked my sidearm* cacabutt, follow me, i'll show you the back way into town *carve circled his horse around and headed toward lambkiller hill* *i looked over my shoulder as i helped caca off his horse* we're counting on you, carve. make those shots count... *carve didn't even look back or make a sound. just a solitary figure headed for the hills* listen caca, if you want to back out, now is the time. i can't promise you'll survive this. *the old mexican turned to me and said, in a thick latino accent* i die when i say i die, gringo *i pointed to him the way past the brothel and into the saloon across the street* we'll be waiting on your signal, pendejo.... *i said and held out my hand* SPLAT *he spat on the ground near my boots* you buy me a glass of anejo tequila and we're even, ok? *the old mexican walked along the rivers edge until i could no longer see him* *the sunset behind the ghost town lit up red orange and purple as the daylight faded* *the lights stayed on in one building alone- the brothel* *i sat about one hours time while my horse grazed and the stars came out* *it started as a wisp of smoke, barely noticeable coming out the saloon windows. but soon the tips of flames licked upward as the top floor caught on fire* *as i started running for the brothel i heard bossman lurk shout from his window* FIRE !! FIRE! MARSHALL DYLAN, ROUND UP THE GUYS, WE GOT A FIRE! *and after a pause* ITS GOT TO HAVE BEEN HERO! GOD DAMN IT! I'LL MAKE A RICH MAN ANYONE THAT BRINGS ME HIS HEAD! *marshall dylan rode out on his horse riding hard for the water trough* *his weaselly voice barked orders* get those buckets, boys! this is why we train to be bucket boys! *as the flunkies rounded the corner with the buckets the first shot rang out from the hillside* *the body of deputy kort fell lifeless to the ground, a bullet hole between his eyes* *another shot and another flunky was down* *marshall dylan turned his horse and headed back across the street to the brothel as more gun shots rang out from the hillside* *bossman lurk, seeing his men dropping like flies, cursed aloud* shit! no scope headshots. it can only be carve... *he slammed his window closed and pulled the shades as he men were gunned down in the streets*

Inkongudunk 14 days ago
I'm sorry. But this thread f*cking sucks. You're all bunch of pathetic c*nts for keeping it going. It isn't funny, it isn't entertaining. It's f*cking sad watching you loser idiots pine for some yesteryear bullshit. You're all trash. And this thread is trash.

oillipolo 13 days ago
I bet to differ inkongudunk. It's imaginative, well paced, and most importantly it's got heart.