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Which of you chuckleheads gon' be at Furnace Fest

simon_belmont 86 days ago
This is the [OFFICIAL] thread

Jemenez_Cricket 86 days ago
I wish :(

carveyournamein 86 days ago

carveyournamein 86 days ago
Not me.

Portslob 86 days ago
The f*ck would go to that?

BULLHEAD 86 days ago

rick_tocchet 86 days ago
Ill be there. Lets either fight, drink beer or rub dix.

simon_belmont 86 days ago
I'm your huckleberry

easyhateoven 86 days ago
i'll be there. is it BYOF (bring your own furnace)?

f28r06a42n12k 86 days ago
Guarantee bands start dropping off with the way the media is crying about COVID numbers increasing again. I'm half expecting this BTBAM show on Aug 11 or 12 to get canceled at this point. Also got the Philly metal and beer fest that I'm imagining being a shit show

gaseousclay 86 days ago

gaseousclay 86 days ago
i will come out of mosh retirement if they play logic of crocodiles/locust reign

gaseousclay 86 days ago
don't go to shows then retard

gaseousclay 86 days ago
sorry, you never said you were going to a show, my bad.

gaseousclay 86 days ago
i hope that you see between the buried and me uninterrupted as a musical experience