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the day is still young but this has to be troubling

ej 194 days ago

B__DAWG 194 days ago
i told them no one would post anymore. no one ever listens to me

lurkcity 194 days ago
not worried.

evil_hero 194 days ago
lurk succeeded where many have failed. the board is officially dead

ej 194 days ago
no carve, trind, xander, dot, amber, bull is threatening retirement, barb nowhere to be seen, panda is off harassing a guitar center employee without telling us, blkfrmthwstdwn can't even be bothered because there's noone to annoy

lurkcity 194 days ago
I should add this to my resume

thetowerofrome 194 days ago

Barbara 194 days ago
Your resume is a QR code that links to the Wendy's menu