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The Burning (1981)

Vince 7/16/2022 4:45:25 PM
That's a quality film, man

AnalButt 7/16/2022 5:43:32 PM
It's good

foulmouth 7/16/2022 6:00:13 PM
enjoyable film

lurkcity 7/16/2022 6:19:11 PM
better than spider man?

lake_flaccid 7/16/2022 8:34:02 PM
I was going through a streak of adding 80's horror movies to my collection and I skipped this one, probably a f*ck up

just_farted 7/18/2022 3:55:02 PM
underrated slasher imo. fun stuff

Pilgrim 7/18/2022 7:52:07 PM
Eh it's fine. That's my 2 cents. Why is the phrase "2 cents"? I might come in hot

DickWolfenstein 7/21/2022 11:01:18 AM
One of the best of its time for that kind of thing. Had a bootleg VHS of the uncut version in the late 90s