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how ya doin, how ya been (no drama zone)

ej 200 days ago
what's going on, hows's the mother?

Hox_Ablation_PhD 200 days ago
I've decided that the town I live in is in some sort of 'no rain' zone. Massachusetts has droughts in most towns, but the last two times it rained, somehow the rain skimmed my town but none fell. My lawn is drier than Lurk's mom's vagine.

ShaolinLambKiller 200 days ago
f*ck off

evil_hero 200 days ago
lol slk

ej 200 days ago
i was listening to a podcast about serial killer Joel Rifkin and heard this funny anecdote: -college dropout -his dad was dying from cancer -dad says if he goes to SUNY, takes one class, and gets a B, he will pay for his schooling -joel is taking bio -right before finals, his dad takes a fatal does of barbitcuates and kills himself lol

ShaolinLambKiller 200 days ago
you shouId do that too

ej 200 days ago
no i'm not really into science

simon_belmont 200 days ago
Howdy. Hi. Hey. Hello. https://hydrahead.bandcamp.com/track/howdy-hi-hey-hello

beatthetar 200 days ago
things are good