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will lambgoat ever have a webmaster thats not a major f*cking cuck douche

evil_hero 7/11/2022 9:49:27 AM
jfc the lineage of this place is an embarrassment

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/11/2022 9:50:25 AM
the new one makes the old one look like f*cking Jesus Gandhi Guevara

evil_hero 7/11/2022 9:51:32 AM
thats just the initial shock of lurk buying the site. don't gloss over it. former webmasters bookmarking the young turks so he knows how to vote for the next 40 years

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/11/2022 9:52:25 AM
well, it's not a ringing endorsement of webmaster at all, just the fact that he's at least solid, maybe even petrified dog shit vs this big, stinky, moronic pile of microwaved dog diarrhea that is the current "owner".

evil_hero 7/11/2022 9:52:39 AM

theocean 7/11/2022 9:53:01 AM
we need eddie dennis man

ej 7/11/2022 9:53:21 AM
i vote for bullhead newspage just reads "haven't heard any"

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/11/2022 9:53:26 AM
imagine your whole bitch ass life being built around trying to get people to like you.... and this is what you're looking at through your xtra thick double-bacon goggles.

evil_hero 7/11/2022 9:53:28 AM

theocean 7/11/2022 9:56:33 AM
these are the words of the leader we need.......... "I'm gonna put it like this kid. The USA dropped an A-Bomb on the japs. After that it wasnt a question anymore of who was more powerful and The USA didnt have to keep dropping a-bombs on them after that to prove their might. I dropped an a-bomb on your entire crew and your entire movement. I dont need to do anything more to prove my might. You guys are a bunch of credless has-been fatso's"

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/11/2022 9:59:37 AM

nothinlefttogive 7/11/2022 10:01:28 AM
Need to drop the a-bomb of slaps on that front butt!

butlerianjihad 7/11/2022 10:04:50 AM
What the world Needs now Is men Top men

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/11/2022 10:07:28 AM
in the gay community, lurk would not be a top nor a bottom but a hard pass.

ShaolinLambKiller 7/11/2022 10:09:25 AM