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Vince 7/10/2022 5:33:43 PM
Ever drink that stuff??

simon_belmont 7/10/2022 5:34:58 PM
Been a long time

Zordon 7/10/2022 5:51:18 PM
ya its under-rated

simon_belmont 7/10/2022 5:52:40 PM
What's it's rating?

vagisilcreem 7/10/2022 5:53:18 PM
their peach citrus is god-level.

Barbara 7/10/2022 5:53:39 PM
Never tried it

B__DAWG 7/10/2022 5:55:08 PM
put a splash of gin and there and thank me later

simon_belmont 7/10/2022 6:10:28 PM
I'm selling a vodka based canned cocktail at work that tastes like a vodka fresca. It's a weird thing, people under 50 don't care for it, people over 50 love it.

Vince 7/10/2022 6:28:27 PM
I'd try that

TheMoustacheMassacre 7/10/2022 6:30:48 PM
I've been drinking "the long drink" lately and it reminds me of what I think Fresca tastes like.

Bortslob 7/10/2022 6:32:03 PM
Shit sucks