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Thor: Love & Thunder - Review

ej 202 days ago
5.8/10. Yes blah blah blah marvel stinks. Spoilers below: -Guardians we're in it for the first five minutes despite the trailers heavily featuring them -Christian Bale was good but given limited screen time as well, killed it in the final battle. Did not fill many gods despite his name the god butcher -classic marvel butchering emotional scenes with one liners immediately after -taika waititi has already worn out his welcome, all characters were spoofs of themselves -Natalie Portman death was a surprise but we'll done

Bortslob 202 days ago
I was so happy when Portman died. Then bam.. second Easter egg she's reincarnated in Valhalla.. I was like Fuuuuuuuuuuck! I gave it a 6.8 , entertaining but this current mcu should have ended at endgame. They need to make like punisher and Spider-Man fighting each other… super violent x-men, x-factor shit.. Thor, hulk and captain America are played out

ej 201 days ago
they're trying and im always fine with more content but it is defintely stale. i enjoyed shang chi, wondering where black widow's sister will go from here, but i'm sick of shit like korg and.... oh yeah did wanda supposedly die too? i can't even remember now. either way, hope this kang the conquerer thing works out. apparently he'll be in one of the upcoming movies, like when they revealed thanos in GOTG

dayman 201 days ago
you f*cking weebs cant wait to post spoils

evil_hero 201 days ago
dumb movie, no watch ever

ej 201 days ago
nah i warned spoilers, there's a difference. oh sorry now i'm gone til 2

rick_tocchet 201 days ago
If you are over the age of 13 and seeing a Marvel movie you are a bitch.

ej 201 days ago
sorry, why don't you give me an A24 movie to watch so i can be a c*nt too

Barbara 201 days ago
A24 seems to be going down the same path as marvel, just in a 'liking midsommar means I'm smart' kinda way

ej 201 days ago
"it's actually a metaphor for trauma"

Godfreyjones 201 days ago
It's probably the best movie they've made in this "phase". The TV shows have been way better than the movies though.

AnalButt 201 days ago
More like Bore