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Zordon 7/9/2022 8:27:39 AM
its open now reddit.com/r/lambgoatmb

Zordon 7/9/2022 8:28:32 AM
its basically lambgoat with all patreon features except for free

B__DAWG 7/9/2022 8:31:00 AM
How do I make an account?

Zordon 7/9/2022 8:33:24 AM
go to reddit.com and in the top right there is a 'sign up' button, you can use an email address or use a google account/apple account. its like a 30 second process, 1 account can be used across all of reddit you dont need a new account for every different subreddit

B__DAWG 7/9/2022 8:33:56 AM
What's a good username?

B__DAWG 7/9/2022 8:34:40 AM
I'm not gonna go on reddit. Isn't that for incels and nerds?

simon_belmont 7/9/2022 8:34:41 AM
go for 'webmaster'

simon_belmont 7/9/2022 8:36:32 AM
I've spent nearly 20 years here. I don't have the patience to learn a new posting system at this point. It's this or nothing, I'm afraid.

Zordon 7/9/2022 8:43:20 AM
its easy af dude its basically this exact same system except updated ok plus there are actually reddit phone apps that specifically streamline things for the phone

simon_belmont 7/9/2022 8:46:19 AM
I'm like the secret service. I'm bound to this board no matter who is in charge. My duty is to post in the name of America.

Zordon 7/9/2022 8:50:14 AM

simon_belmont 7/9/2022 8:50:29 AM
I went to it but it said I needed an app to continue. You're pushing it here zordy.

simon_belmont 7/9/2022 8:52:09 AM
I just realized, I'm in the Lambgoat Facebook group which is like another Lambgoat board but I don't even ever look at it. There's no way I can take on another one.

Zordon 7/9/2022 8:53:35 AM
you should be able to view it in the browser do you want me to come over and show you?

B__DAWG 7/9/2022 8:54:24 AM
I've never made a fb account either.maybe I should