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lambgoat conspiracy theorys

Zordon 7/8/2022 4:11:42 PM
portslob didnt kill himself

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/8/2022 4:12:10 PM
everyone ditch the sombreros and fireworks

Zordon 7/8/2022 4:12:44 PM
lambgoat is flat

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/8/2022 4:13:13 PM
lambgoat is really a hub for gay demonic sex.

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/8/2022 4:13:41 PM
oh, wait, conspiracies...

simon_belmont 7/8/2022 4:14:46 PM
This website is a marketing tool engineered by Nathan's Hot Dogs and I'm their top executive

Zordon 7/8/2022 4:14:59 PM
shat escaped to argentina

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/8/2022 4:15:53 PM
bdawg is really the god conscious of the universe, came here to scope out civilization... in case you were wondering how good god is at planning. it's not just the money thing, folks.

Zordon 7/8/2022 4:16:06 PM
we are bar-s boys in this house https://youtu.be/GgKsKnwLYpI

RAGINGFUCKMAN 7/8/2022 4:16:23 PM
the whole universe is held up by fishing line and shoelace knots and some bubble gum.

Zordon 7/8/2022 4:17:59 PM
im violent j https://youtu.be/SiXgE5kNVHQ

Zordon 7/8/2022 4:20:51 PM
gothickingcobra420 did nothing wrong

simon_belmont 7/8/2022 4:21:57 PM
Bullhead is Diarrhea Dave

evil_hero 7/8/2022 4:23:24 PM
portslob is trind

Zordon 7/8/2022 4:24:35 PM
everybody here is a russian bot including me