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easyhateoven 143 days ago
I hit the toilet today

simon_belmont 143 days ago
Hit it and quit it

Barbara 143 days ago
An extra flush for good luck

_d0thack_ 143 days ago
dude. me too. bad. like early AM. we are talking about 1 AM PEOPLE.

easyhateoven 143 days ago
Airport jalapeños did me in

lurkcity 143 days ago
did you have to use the airport bathroom? or were you able to keep it together long enough to get out of there and find a more respectable bathroom to destroy?

simon_belmont 143 days ago
What exactly are airport jalapeños?

Inkongudunk 143 days ago
I shit myself... today

lake_flaccid 143 days ago
To see if I could feel the turdlog tears a whole the only thing thats real

theocean 143 days ago
I hit the toilet I should've been hitting you You wake up to an empty night With tears for two

_d0thack_ 142 days ago
i woke up about 1 am after having flying over to see my family. we all went to this mexican spot in kc we absolutely love. the food was amazing, as always. and i never have bowel movements hours after it. but i woke up at like 103 and ran to my guest bathroom from an incredibly deep sleep. my girlfriend had texted me and i wanted to respond but i couldn't. i sleep naked so this was easy. i ran straight to it and just let it happen. i felt like i was a victim. i had no power. it just overcame me. and i never talk about shitting on here. i felt like easy. i just wanted to text my girlfriend back and say "shitting"

easyhateoven 142 days ago
Had a spicy breakfast burrito at Willys before my flight. Ordered extra jalapeños because I'm a risk taker.

simon_belmont 142 days ago
Tell me about the f*cking jalapeños

simon_belmont 142 days ago
Oh wait you just did

easyhateoven 142 days ago