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if your pit skills were rated like in madden

ej 205 days ago
what would you have been at your peak? i'd be like Strength: 65 Speed: 81 Awareness: 95 Two Step: 73 Crowd Kill: 40 Punk Jump: 73 Fake Punch Your Friend: 0, hate that Spin Kick: 78 Head Hardness: 99, a guy broke his arm on my skull once Overall: 76 yes this thread is gay

evil_hero 205 days ago
at your peak. lol. important to add that since all the mosh warriors around LG are now in their twilight years

evil_hero 205 days ago
i was 100 in headwalking i can tell you that much. ive got pairs of new balances that touched more hair than pavement

PenicillinTrapdoor 205 days ago
lol eh

lurkcity 205 days ago
is ej's name jake? and does he live in jacksonville? interesting.

butlerianjihad 205 days ago
Looks like Sherlock Homo has a hunch that isn't on his back

ej 205 days ago

VodkaVeins 205 days ago
I think his name is Evan and I think he lives in New England

lake_flaccid 205 days ago
ej 3 hours ago Head Hardness: 99, a guy broke his arm on my skull once this was me, and it was my hand thank you very much