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Day of the Dead

carveyournamein 60 days ago
Best Romero movie.

Pilgrim 60 days ago
Very underrated. I love it and especially the soundtrack

ed_money 60 days ago

unvisitedgrave 60 days ago
Bad movie. Dumb. You're dumb.

dog_boner 60 days ago
Whatever, Bub.

ShaolinLambKiller 60 days ago

carveyournamein 60 days ago
How could anyone say that it's a bad movie?

carveyournamein 60 days ago
Oh look. There's a remake? https://youtu.be/o8ux3fFI5MQ

carveyournamein 60 days ago
Oh, it's a TV show. Great.

carveyournamein 60 days ago
Even Romero said his favorite "Dead" movie is Day of the Dead.

carveyournamein 60 days ago
You ever saw this?

spacetoast 59 days ago
Day is great. Martin is my favorite Romero movie

easyhateoven 59 days ago
shut up

carveyournamein 59 days ago
Day of the Dead I think is the best depiction of the end of the world.

AnalButt 59 days ago
It's a great movie and it could've been so much more if Romero's vision matched the budget that was promised. Either way; I rate Day before Dawn and Night but they are all great and ultimately tombstones of each decade they were made in. Also, Martin does kick ass and The Crazies is underrated