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Portslob or whoever. honestly if i don't see SLK or shaolin I don't really read

ShaolinLambKiller 158 days ago
that is the end of the title you can post. I don't care there are only 2 people that remind me that this place exists and it's like digging up a grave like the good the bad and the ugly. meaning I legit don't care if I drop in i just carpet bomb hate but it will never matter to me. lol.

jimbo 158 days ago

AnalButt 158 days ago
Shit Up Your Ass

carveyournamein 158 days ago

B__DAWG 158 days ago
you can't read. admit it

jimbo 158 days ago
i read every other word. it's an issue. I might get fired

ShaolinLambKiller 158 days ago
I am an AI program from 2002 and ya'll got fooled. seth, you saw me in person and that was just not me. and I hate you.

Portslob 157 days ago
Honest to god. I've never been more terrified in my life than I am right now

Barbara 157 days ago

Barbara 157 days ago
Biden is also a CarveBot

iwilladapt 157 days ago
I feel like I have a concussion after reading that

evil_hero 157 days ago
he is lost in carcosa

ShaolinLambKiller 157 days ago
God i love this so much

thetowerofrome 157 days ago