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I've got vitiligo

Bucky 42 days ago
melasma and tinnitus in the same month. my foreskin and my knuckles are really white

carveyournamein 42 days ago
Oh damn.

carveyournamein 42 days ago
Talk to a physician.

B__DAWG 42 days ago
sucks to be you

B__DAWG 42 days ago
i've got 0 things wrong with me

Portslob 42 days ago
B dawg, you've been concussed since 2012

B__DAWG 42 days ago
i feel great

Barbara 42 days ago
Nothing wrong with him. Something's got to give

B__DAWG 42 days ago
i actually feel like SHIT

Zordon 41 days ago
i have tinnitus try these it actually helps https://www.audionotch.com/tinnitus-masker/

B__DAWG 41 days ago
i got a bit of ringing in my one ear. it's definitely in worse shape than the other. i think that's tinnitus. it's not too bad though

B__DAWG 41 days ago
i hate sleeping without a fan on though

Bucky 41 days ago
its tinnitus dude and a fan works great. what I'm concerned about is having to explain why my foreskin looks so cool

B__DAWG 41 days ago
let's see it. whip it out

AnalButt 41 days ago
Cut it off