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New metalcore? Song I'm working on

_steelpanda_ 265 days ago

ej 265 days ago
please see your thread that i bumped

lurkcity 265 days ago
work seems to be going well sp

B__DAWG 265 days ago
i bought these voivod tab books and learned a ton of their weird riffs and now i just end up stealing their riffs and changing them a bit. am i going to jail?

RAGINGFUCKMAN 265 days ago
hey can you keep your opinion to one username?

RAGINGFUCKMAN 265 days ago
sorry didnt realize that big ole sausage finger missed a letter

RAGINGFUCKMAN 265 days ago
no more food for you get to the toilet

ej 265 days ago
petition to for lurk to show any proof of musical talent

jimbo 265 days ago
this is a good riff, would blast the skins on this

lake_flaccid 265 days ago
Good riff man