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Do all races of people fart?

carveyournamein 47 days ago
I'm starting to think it's only white people.

butlerianjihad 47 days ago
*stink And yes, all asian women fart HARD

carveyournamein 47 days ago
Good to know.

Pilgrim 47 days ago
Will concur, dated a Korean girl for 3 years and she farted more than anyone I know. Was brazen about it too

Jemenez_Cricket 47 days ago
Youre such a horrible stupid fªggot

I don't know how you could hold in farts while racing other people

skinsuit 47 days ago
Black ppl frt white farts

Portslob 47 days ago
I went to this fancy restaurant last week and it had a pre fixe 7 course brunch , after plate six I had to shit so f*cking bad.. I go to the bathroom.. it's unisex, and has only two stalls, both locked… I begin to panic and sweat, then I hear a flush come from one.. A tiny , 80 pound Vietnamese woman walks out… I go in, and I was immediately knocked unconscious from the stink she left. It was like two feral wart hogs wrestling in a dumpster in 90 degree heat. I saw her in the restaurant after I bombed too.. I pumped my fist on my chest twice and pointed right at her. She nodded in acknowledgment